From July 1, 2023, employers with 100 or more employees must annually provide data on the mobility of their employees.

This concerns commuting and business mobility.

  • the number of kilometers traveled

  • the used means of transport

  • and the used fuels

With the normative regulation for work-related personal mobility, we are doing everything we can to achieve climate benefits. In addition, the normative scheme for work-related personal mobility offers employers direct opportunities to implement a sustainable and vital mobility policy.

Due to the full automation of the travel administration, means of transport and used fuels, the administrative burden of the employee and employer is already reduced in the first month. The time and associated cost savings per month increase through the use of artificial intelligence.

That's not all, because full automation means that an appropriate, ambitious or even test mobility policy can be implemented for each department.

Direct insight into:

  • CO2 reduction possibilities

  • Measuring the effectiveness of CO2 reducing measures

  • Time and Cost-Saving Opportunities

  • Measuring effectiveness of Time and Cost Saving Measures

  • Health-enhancing possibilities

  • Measuring effectiveness of health enhancing measures

  • Possibilities to increase the attractiveness of the employer

It has never been easier to combine climate benefits with all other employer and employee benefits.

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