Starting with Vital mobility is the basic

With the easy basic package you automate the travel and carbon administration with every employee. For commuting and business trips. The travel method is recognized by the intelligent Livemobility app. Compliant to privacy regulations.

Different allowances depending on destination and travel method are in line with your mobility policy. Manage your payment overview, travel behaviour and travel allowances with the smart dashboard.

What's included in the Easy Basic package:

Livemobility user app for iOS and Android

  • Smart detection of travel method
  • Automatic travel reporting
  • Automatic cost control
  • Automatic carbon emission reporting
  • Registration of Homeworking
  • Free onboarding and user support

HR Smart dashboard

  • Payment overview
  • Travel management
  • Travel behaviour insight
  • Emission reporting
  • IT support 60 minutes / month


  • Departments split
  • Flexible mobility bonus
  • Advanced Policy rules
  • Trip overview
  • Targeted notifications
  • Premium support

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