The administrative burden for healthcare workers is high and the daily regulatory pressure is a source of disappointment. It is one of the reasons why healthcare workers have left the sector and a chronic shortage of personnel has arisen.

Why do we expect the same digital skills from all employees?

The process of travel declarations requires the same digital skills and a lot of time from all healthcare workers, where there were many differences in the same healthcare sector and training for digital skills was offered.

That is why Livemobility, together with healthcare organizations, has further developed the GoedeReis app to meet the specific needs of the sector. The helpdesk is easily accessible and every employee saves 90% time in the expense claim process. The travel statements provide the organization with insight into the analysis of the mobility policy.

Care organizations with a vital, practical and accessible mobility plan are more attractive for employees.

In order to make the mobility policy more sustainable, the HR Management Dashboard offers options for frameworks, incentives, (tax) remuneration and management.

This is how we contribute monthly to reducing the workload of healthcare employees.

Don't let digital skills become a problem either