A sustainable and vital mobility policy understands the needs of people.

What impact travel methods have on everyone's health, responsible choices are part of everyday climate challenges.

Efficiency and vitality at the lowest carbon emissions. Livemobility enables your organization to manage a sustainable and vital mobility plan.

Smart with Livemobility

Data-driven and fact-based

Insight with an interactive mobility scan into commuting and carbon emissions of employees. Test an infinite number of scenarios yourself. It is the basis for a vital mobility policy, cost savings and carbon reductions.


The mode that works the best for the employees is the first starting point. A combination of active and passive travel, own and shared mobility, and different work locations. Software solutions make managing easier.


Daily combinations of changing travel methods of individual employees are automatically detected. Recognition from car, public transport, bicycle or on foot and working from home.


Carbon emissions, a variety of travel allowances and payout statuses in an easy-to-use dashboard.


Insight with the smart dashboard creates awareness and encourages improvements in the vitality of people and the environment.

Contributing together is effective.
With many small steps, we make great progress in managing an optimal use of traffic and energy grid flow and reduction of carbon emissions

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A sustainable and vital mobility plan starts today and makes impact tomorrow. Increase the value of your organization for employees and the environment.

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