Complex organizations need advanced automation

If the complexity of travel allowances increase due to a mix of travel methods and different rates per destination per employee. Then advanced automation is of indispensable value to take care of the entire administration

Advanced automation available to everyone

The smartphone app automates travel administration for every employee and temporary worker. With one click the declaration is submitted and comply with privacy regulations.

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An automated travel adminstration starts today and makes an impact tomorrow. It saves valuable time and pay more attention to your client

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Software as a Service

With data to a vital mobility plan

Easy Start

Livemobility mobile app

  • Smart detection of travel method

  • Automatic travel reporting

  • Automatic travel reporting

  • CO2 reporting

  • Helpdesk

  • Multi language

Admin Panel

  • Overview dashboard

  • Trip payment management

  • Employee management

  • Mobility bonus

  • Communication through notifications

  • Premium support

  • Multi language

Price plan

Easy Basic

Everything in Easy Start

Admin Panel

  • Smart dashboard

  • Departments split

  • Flexible mobility bonus

  • Advanced Policy rules

  • Trip overview

  • Targeted notifications

  • Premium support

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Easy Pro

Everything in basic

API Integrations with

  • HR software

  • MaaS

Periodic consultancy support

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