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With rapid urbanization and growing environmental concerns, worldwide, the concept of car-free cities is emerging as a transformative force for a sustainable and livable future. Car-free cities are not only a key for mitigating and combating climate change but are accompanied by benefits such as improved air quality, reduced congestion, safer roads, decreased noise pollution and enhanced liveability. Livemobility is committed to further explore and research this new urban development trend.

We know that it plays a vital role in addressing urgent environmental issues and stimulating vibrant and healthy urban environments. Our participation in the research of car-free cities is driven by a desire to keep ahead with innovative solutions for sustainable mobility. We recognize that car-free cities represent a paradigm shift in urban planning, with an increasing number of cities making the transition to car-free environments. As a consequence, car-free cities are influencing the trends of car ownership which sparks a curiosity to observe the trajectory of this evolving trend. By contributing to the knowledge base surrounding car-free cities, we aim to establish a frame of reference for various effective policy initiatives in achieving sustainable mobility.

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