Release notes

Our pursuit for perfection. Having the experience we have gained, we keep on developing our mobility software

Livemobility release 1.7.0

Changes released on 13-07-2018

– solution for points which are not loaded
– removed decimals from points
– small problem for notifications solved (notificationId wasn’t stored in local DB)
– manual trip add
– mobility profile 

– removed decimals from points
– changed message when GPS is requested (Notifies users to activate GPS always)
– mobility profile 

Web app:
– GDPR information 
– activated editing of the mobility profile
– Dashboard app display total points amount instead of points for selected period
– Dashboard app reconsidered efficiency grade calculation (average of all efficiency grades of the trips)

– added rule to skip trips that contain only 2 coordinates and trips shorter than 150 m
– added efficiency grade per trip
– updated license plate API to consider hybrid cars
– added support for considering mobility type sent with each coordinate
– added support for phone number for user